Home-Meal Replacements!

Long day at work? Don’t have the energy to cook for yourself, but you don’t want the family to know? Stop by before heading home and grab dinner from us!

They’ll never have to know!

Our menu is simple, compact, but exploding with flavour & goodness from the farm fresh ingredients. Our main fares are fresh soups made every day, paninis and fresh made sandwiches. We also have a stunning Greek salad, chicken Caesar and a chicken pecan salad. Many of our daily specials are Gluten free! Here is an example of our menu:



Egg Salad

• Vegetarian

• Chicken, Cranberry & Walnut




• Fresh options daily, talk to your server




• Fresh options daily, talk to your server




Fresh & Tasty

• Cuban

• Chicken & Bacon

• Ham & Swiss

• Chicken Avocado

• Chicken & Roasted Peppers

• Ruben




“Dinner service comprises of comfort foods from your childhood that you crave, without the mess in your kitchen.”

All meals will be accompanied by a side of soup or salad

Sheppard’s Pie

• Grown up Mac & Cheese

• Pasta of the Day

• Beef Bourguignon

• Lasagna

• Chicken pot pie

• Pulled Pork

• Club Sandwich




From cakes to tarts, we have a large variety that rotates with the seasons!

Please talk to your server for our current selection

• Chocolate Midnight Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Icing

• Chocolate Explosion Mousse Cake

• Lemon Tarts

• Carrot Cake

• Gluten-free Turtle Cheesecake

• Gluten-free Chocolate Mousse Cups


Paninis, salads  and soups for lunch.

There’s something comforting about melted cheese, meat and veggies in a crisp yet tender toasted crusted bread.  The perfect choice for lunch accompanied with our filling soups made daily from scratch or our fresh and crisp salads.  Also available is “make your own” sandwiches with your choice of favourite ingredients.

Our Ingredients

We use some of the finest foods around Prince George.  We use happy meats from local butcher Chilako Meats. Our chickens are farm raised, free range & grain fed.  When we prepare our foods, we save all the vegetable cuttings, bread etc… our egg farmer picks it all up and in turn feeds it to all of her chickens.  We then receive eggs that are amazingly fresh.

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